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The Abbie Writer's Guidelines

The Abbie, the monthly newsletter of Central Ontario Intergroup of Overeaters Anonymous is written by OA members for OA members and features stories of recovery, abstinence anniversary celebrations and news on upcoming OA events within our area.

The Abbie depends on you and other OA members to fill its pages each month. Without our OA authors, there would be no Abbie. Thank you for contributing!

The Abbie seeks true personal stories of recovery: “What I was like before OA; how I worked the OA program; what happened as a result; what my life is like today.” Describe how OA helped you; include specific details and most of our featured articles are written like meeting “shares.”

The most effective OA stories relate how we recovered from our compulsive eating, as evidenced by how we have resolved conflicts, improved our self-esteem or made our daily life more manageable through the OA program. Motivational stories that reach out to struggling newcomers or members in relapse inspire all Abbie readers.

Submission does not guarantee publication. We do not publish stories that contain outside issues or that do not demonstrate recovery through the OA program. If your story is chosen for publication, we will notify you of its publication date. Submissions must be the original work of the sender and may be edited.

Basic Guidelines

1. The Abbie presents stories of recovery. We want to hear yours.

2. Briefly describe your physical, emotional and spiritual condition when you entered OA. Be specific, including your weight at that time.

3. Relate in detail how the Steps, Step principles, Traditions, tools and/or Twelve Concepts of OA Service helped in your recovery.

4. Describe your OA experience. The focus should be on OA. References to other Twelve-Step programs and outside support are considered outside issues.

5. Tell the length of your abstinence and, if applicable, the weight loss or weight gain you have maintained.

6. Limit your story to 200-400 words if possible. For handwritten stories, please write legibly.

Submission Methods

There are three methods that you can use to submit content to the Abby. Use the form above, email, or mail us. Our email and mailing information is listed below.

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