Worldwide OA Membership Survey- Coming Thursday, June 15th

     OA is conducting a worldwide survey of our membership to improve our professional outreach and public information efforts. Service and participation from group secretaries and members is vital to the success of this survey. Here is what you need to know:

  • The survey will work by random selection. Group secretaries will be randomly selected to receive the survey instructions, and these group secretaries will follow instructions to randomly select members of their group to participate in the survey.
  • Group secretaries will need to check all of their email folders for the survey and survey instructions.
  • Both face-to-face and virtual meetings will be asked to participate.
  • The survey period will begin on Thursday, June 15 and end on Thursday, July 13.

     Participation in the survey is very important, so if you are selected, make this service to your Fellowship a priority and respond promptly. Let us know how OA has affected your life. Thank you for your service!