OA Preamble Update

The revised OA Preamble, as approved by delegates to the 2015 World Service Business Conference, has been updated on the OA website. OA literature will be updated as it is reprinted and a flyer about the change is being included in outgoing literature orders now. 

For the revised OA Preamble, please see the communication here. The change is underlined.   If your meeting follows the format used on the OA website, it will need to change.

On the OA website, the Preamble appears on the "About OA" page under Newcomers. Here is the direct link: https://www.oa.org/newcomers/about-oa/.

The Preamble has also been updated in the following meeting formats:

Suggested Meeting Format: https://www.oa.org/pdfs/suggested_meeting_format.pdf

Suggested Telephone Meeting Format: https://www.oa.org/pdfs/suggested_telephone_meeting_format.pdf

Step Study Meeting Format: https://www.oa.org/pdfs/stepstudy_format.pdf

Recovery from Relapse Meeting Format: https://www.oa.org/pdfs/recovery_from_relapse_meeting_format.pdf