OA Rochester NY presents their 2017 Share-A-Thon, November 4th

The Greater Rochester Overeaters Anonymous is holding their 2017 Share-A-Thon Saturday November 4th at United Church of Christ, 570 Klem Rd, Webster, NY.  Registration begins at 9:30am, the Share-A-Thon will run from 10am to 2:30pm.  Bring your own brown-bag lunch, coffee/tea/water will be provided. Cost is $12.

Mail registration to Colleen Moriarty, 18 De Paul Dr, East Rochester, NY 14445. For info call 585-738-7959. 

Download flyer here.




Worldwide OA Membership Survey- Coming Thursday, June 15th

     OA is conducting a worldwide survey of our membership to improve our professional outreach and public information efforts. Service and participation from group secretaries and members is vital to the success of this survey. Here is what you need to know:

  • The survey will work by random selection. Group secretaries will be randomly selected to receive the survey instructions, and these group secretaries will follow instructions to randomly select members of their group to participate in the survey.
  • Group secretaries will need to check all of their email folders for the survey and survey instructions.
  • Both face-to-face and virtual meetings will be asked to participate.
  • The survey period will begin on Thursday, June 15 and end on Thursday, July 13.

     Participation in the survey is very important, so if you are selected, make this service to your Fellowship a priority and respond promptly. Let us know how OA has affected your life. Thank you for your service!

12 Reasons to Buy the Meal Plan for the Region 6 Toronto Convention

1. We know you’re going to be hungry.
2. What else would you do at mealtimes; remember fellowship is complimentary with the meal plan. Don’t isolate!
3. Its faster than finding a restaurant, waiting to be seated, ordering, waiting to be served…
4. You might miss something if you go out.
5. There are more than 8,000 restaurants in Toronto; that’s far too many options.
6. Pre-plan your meals; the menu is on the website or click here.
7. There are healthy options for many plans of eating; no guessing involved.
8. $180 CAN is about $134 USD, that’s quite a bargain! AND it includes the Saturday night banquet.
9. The meal plan is not included in your registration or room booking.
10.While supplies last! Space is limited.
11.All service charges, tips, and taxes are included
12.You know you want to!

Cost for meal plan: $180 CND
o Includes breakfast & lunch on Saturday and Sunday
o Saturday night banquet
 Meal plans may be purchased up to October 1, 2017
 Meal plans are transferable
 Refunds: There will be a $20 fee for refunded meal
tickets. Meal tickets may be refunded up to October 6, 2017

For more details download flyer here.

12th Annual "Find Abstinence Through The Big Book" Workshop

Workshop will take place Friday May 19th through to Sunday May 21st 2017 at North Hennepin Community College in Brooklyln Park, Minnesota. Our Canadian host, an OA member, will lead this transforming step-by-step study, revealing how the message in the Big Book applies and works as well for compulsive overeaters as it does for alcoholics. Download flyer for more details here.

Sponsorship Training Phone Marathon- Sunday March 12th

Join us for a worldwide "Sponsorship Success" phone marathon! Nine experienced OA's from various regions will share their experience, strength and hope about Sponsorship. Tops will include: what is a sponsor, why should I get a sponsor, why be a sponsor, a sponsor's "job description", different sponsoring styles, working the steps/traditions and more. Download the flyer here.

Call in:  Sunday March 12th 2:00-5:30 PM EST

Phone Bridge:  641-715-3818  

Caller Pin 925619# 

(If you live in Canada and the above number does not work try:  Phone Bridge – 641-715-0890 Caller Pin: 925619#)